Picture of founding team of Mimo Hospitality Meagan Cederbaum and Simon Bernhard from Basel Switzerland

A Swiss hospitality group passionate about creating memorable experiences and strengthening communities worldwide. “Mimo” stands for (mi)cro-(mo)ments. We’re all about the moments in-between, the little things. We believe in holistic services, that means going beyond the four walls of a restaurant or hotel and reaching out into the digital world. Before, during, and after, whether it’s online or right in front you, we take time to thoughtfully design our concepts to serve our customers at every step of their journey. That’s because every micro-moment is an opportunity to deliver.


A picture of Meagan Cederbaum, the Co-Founder of Mimo Hospitality

Meagan Cederbaum

This is the Linkedin log.

Meagan is co-founder of Mimo Hospitality with 10 years of hospitality and 3 year product management experience. From the beginning she worked with food-services driven by volume and efficiency. Her strength from these experiences is the deep understanding of the financial mechanics  and operations of a hospitality business, all while still delivering excellent customer service.When not working for Mimo, Meagan can be on the bike teaching spinning classes. Combining heavy techno beats and challenging drills, has become another strong passion of hers she turned into a profession 2 years ago.

A picture of Simon Bernhard, Co-Founder of Mimo Hospitality

Simon Bernhard

This is the Linkedin log.

Simon co-founded Mimo Hospitality with an unmet passion to improve the customer’s experience in hospitality whether off- or online. With ten years of hospitality experience and five years in product management, Simon has managed to combine the skills of both worlds; service excellence, storytelling, developing product strategy using analytics and continuous experimentation and iteration. With Michelberger Hotel he worked as an Interim Product Manager & Venture Builder;  moving different products and services towards product market fit to build sustainable brands everyone loves.When not working for Mimo, Simon can be found outdoors going for a run or working out. As a big foodie, he enjoys the process of finding the best ingredients in the area to cook with his friends.


Our recipe for inclusive hospitality for our customers
and employees.

Putting communities first

  • We empower our employees and nurture their personal growth.
  • We build long lasting relationships with our suppliers and commit to a shared future.
  • We care for our neighbourhood and its sustainable development.
  • We take responsibility for the environment and do our best to ensure a better tomorrow.
  • We promise to be transparent and inclusive. Sharing what we do, is how we show that we care.

Creating striking human experiences

  • We evoke emotions by focusing on every touchpoint through strong storytelling.
  • We design our processes by incorporating all five senses. For our employees and our guests.
  • We build human connections based on genuine humility and empathy.
  • We listen to understand, not to answer.
  • Breaking  the script allows us to escape repetitiveness.

Continuous Experimentation

  • We optimize through constant experimentation. Small changes eventually add up to compounded growth.
  • We embrace change, innovation and adaptation. Afterall, there is nothing permanent except change.
  • We include technology for increased efficiency and superior service design, always with our customers and employees  in mind.